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Calvin Rivers is a leading indigenous company specializing in Fugitive Emission Management Programs. Our team provides Emission Management Training and Consultancy services to ensure industry compliance with environmental regulations. We also offer comprehensive Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program management to minimize emissions and maintain the highest level of operational efficiency. Our experienced professionals work with clients to develop and implement customized solutions, ensuring their continued success in emission management. Join us in our commitment to preserving the environment through innovative and effective emission management solutions.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner in emission management, working together to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable future. To make Nigeria, as a country, contribution to the world Fugitive and Methane emission target goals a reality, meeting producers fugitive emissions inspection requirements to ensure compliance with applicable regulations in their operating jurisdictions.

Our vision is to be the recognized leader in the field of Fugitive Emission Management in Nigeria and a driving force for positive change in the industry. We aim to set the standard for excellence in Emission Management Training and Consultancy and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program management and to continuously innovate and improve our services to better serve our clients. Through our commitment to integrity, innovation, and collaboration, we strive to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.

Our purpose is to provide industry-leading Fugitive Emission Management Programs, Emission Management Training and Consultancy services, and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program management to help companies meet regulatory requirements and reduce their impact on the environment. We believe in delivering customized and effective solutions that not only meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations.

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Our Expert Team Includes

Adedamola Adewusi

Managing Partner

Adedamola is a seasoned engineer with over a decade in the field of steel construction and integrity inspection in Nigeria and Canada. Also, has over 5 years in Fugitive Emission Management Experience in Oil and gas industries all over North America.
Kelvin Oghomienor

Managing Partner

Kelvin is a U.K trained Instrumentation and Control Engineer. He has over a decade experience in tank farm management in Nigeria and half a decade of Fugitive Emission Management Experience all over North America.
Omojevwe Akpimegi

Environmental Engineer

With over a decade of experience as an Environmental Engineer in the oil and gas industry. He has successfully managed environmental compliance and risk mitigation programs at multiple terminals. He has led teams in conducting environmental impact assessments and developing strategies to minimize harm to the surrounding communities and ecosystems.
Tosin Ogunkoya

Financial Manager

Tosin is a Financial Manager with 15 years of experience in Nigeria's various sectors. He has managed budgets, implemented financial controls, and developed financial strategies for success. He has strong financial software skills and understand local and international financial regulations. He excel at stakeholder communication and driving change within organizations to drive their financial success.


What Our Clients Say


…….thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by calvin Rivers Limited. I would highly recommend Calvin Rivers to anyone in need of FEMP/GHG and LDAR services.


…..I recently had the opportunity to work with Calvin Rivers Limited on an Optical Gas Imaging project and was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by the team. Their OGI equipment was state-of-the-art and allowed us to quickly and efficiently identify potential gas leaks at our facility. Calvin Rivers Limited were knowledgeable and took the time to thoroughly explain their findings to us. I highly recommend Calvin Rivers Limited's OGI operations to anyone in need of leak detection services.

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